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Punta de Parra


Punta de Parra enjoys an overwhelming natural environment, a perfect combination of beach and unique vegetation.

The area is recognized for its beauty and uniqueness, for years it has been just a basic tourist location. The new resort has been able to develop the areas true potential.

Potential understood by entrepreneur Marcelo Ortiz Troncoso, who through this project will provide the region of the appropriate infrastructure for tourism and real estate development.

Cabins with spectacular ocean views, restaurant with outdoor terrace, overlooking the infinity pool, tennis courts and a variety of recreational activities are only a part of the whole project. In the next 10 years will occur several constructions that will shape this entertaining lifestyle.

Punta de Parra

  • Step 2

A second phase includes the construction of an event center for 350 people.

  • Step 3

Building a Lodge in order to expand the hotel capacity.

  • Step 4

Construction of a SPA and development of real estate projects through a subdivision for a primary and secondary home.

  • Etapa 5

Apartment building.

We invite everyone to enjoy our facilities, an exclusive place surrounded by nature. Just minutes from Concepción and surrounding communities.

Punta de Parra